CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

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FAR I RSW Landfill

Annual Engineering Inspection Report 1-10-2020

Annual Engineering Inspection Report 1-10-2019

Annual Engineering Inspection Report 1-10-2018

Annual Engineering Inspection Report 1-10-2017

Annual Engineering Inspection Report 12-31-2015

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 9-17-2020

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 9-16-2019

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 9-18-2018

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 9-30-2017

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 9-30-2016

Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report 01-31-20

Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report 01-31-19

Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report 01-31-18

Closure Plan 11-03-2020

Corrective Measures Semi-annual Progress Report 03-06-20

Corrective Measures Semi-annual Progress Report 09-04-20

EAP Face to Face Meeting 9-30-20

EAP Face to Face Meeting or Exercise 09-25-19

EAP Face to Face Meeting or Exercise 09-19-18

EAP Face to Face Meeting or Exercise 09-26-17

Emergency Action Plan 06-12-20

Fugitive Dust Control Plan Revision 2 07-27-2018

Groundwater Assessment Monitoring Notification 08-09-2018

Groundwater Assessment of Corrective Measures 07-09-19

Groundwater Monitoring Network Design Report 03-09-17

Groundwater Notification to Landowners 12-02-19

Groundwater Protection Standards Exceedance Notification 02-07-19

Groundwater Remedy Selection Report 10-27-20

History of Design and Construction 10-16-2016

Initial Design Flood Control Plan 10-09-2016

Initial Hazard Assessment Certification 8-01-2016

Initiation of Corrective Measures Assessment 05-09-19

Liner Design Certification 8-01-2016

Location Restriction Report 10-17-18

Post Closure Plan 11-03-2020

Safety Factor Assessment 10-09-2016

Site Specific Alternative to Initiation of Closure 10-30-20

Statistical Analysis Plan Rev.1 08-17-2020

Structural Stability Assessment 10-09-2016

Bottom Ash Pond