Ohio Cooperative Living Earns 12 Industry Awards

Best Nature Photo - Chip Gross

Two writer/photographers whose work appeared in Ohio Cooperative Living (OCL) magazine have earned recognition by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio in that organization’s annual Excellence in Craft awards competition. Chip Gross, OCL outdoors editor, and James Proffitt, a regular contributing writer, received a combined total of 12 awards for which the magazine was eligible.

Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2021 Excellence in Craft awards

Best column

  • 1st place: “Woods, Waters, and Wildlife,” by Chip Gross, compendium.

Best how-to article

  • 2nd place: “Learning to ‘see’,” by Chip Gross, August 2020

Best magazine article

  • 3rd place: “Stone Lab: Lake Erie’s little giant,” by James Proffitt, June 2020

Best travel article

  • 3rd place: Little island, big race,” by James Proffitt, August 2020

Best environmental writing

  • 2nd place: “Species on the edge,” by Chip Gross, May 2020

Best feature photo

  • 1st place: “Glass blower,” by Chip Gross, October 2020
  • 2nd place: “Rock jumper,” by Chip Gross, August 2020
  • 3rd place: “Trout lily,” by Chip Gross, December 2020

Best nature photo

  • 1st place: “River otter,” by Chip Gross, July 2020
  • 2nd place: “American bittern,” by Chip Gross, April 2020
  • 3rd place: “Bobcat,” by Chip Gross, November 2020

Best photographic series

  • Second place: “Learning to ‘see’,” by Chip Gross, August 2020