OEC's President and CEO Testifies in Support of Ohio S.R. 296 Denouncing USEPA's New Power Plant Rule

OEC President and CEO Testifies in Support of Ohio SR 296 Denouncing EPA Power Plant Rule

COLUMBUS, OH-Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives’ President and CEO Pat O’Loughlin testified before the Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee May 7, 2024, in support of S.R. No. 296, which urges the USEPA to withdraw its recently finalized power plant rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The Senate resolution, sponsored by state Senators Bill Reineke and Rob McColley, also urges Congress to take action to prevent the regulations from taking effect. O’Loughlin testified that not only do the EPA’s rules threaten the reliability and affordability of electricity for Ohioans, the rules also put the integrity of the entire U.S. electric grid at risk and increases the likelihood of rolling blackouts occurring on the coldest and hottest days of the year. 


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