Ohio Electric Co-op leaders in D.C. Urge Congress to Push Back on EPA Rules

Ohio electric co-op CEO's in D.C. talking to Congress about keeping electricity reliable and affordable for members.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Leaders of a dozen Ohio electric cooperatives descended on Capitol Hill September 12-13, 2023, along with the Ohio Electric Cooperatives leadership and government affairs team, to meet with U.S. Senators and Representatives from Ohio for OEC’s annual CEO Fly-In event.

The focus of the discussions with lawmakers was the importance of maintaining the reliability of our electric grid, and how the proposed EPA regulations severely threaten Ohio cooperative’s ability to provide reliable, affordable electric service to its members.

The Ohio group asked Congress to hold the EPA accountable and push back on the proposed rules which if implemented, would greatly threaten Buckeye Power’s ability to produce baseload generation at a time when demand for electricity is increasing.
Cooperative leaders also discussed local projects in the territory and broadband expansion.

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