August 2023: Safety Throwback

Original COLT indoor facility

The original COLT storage facility.

Original COLT indoor facility
Current COLT indoor facility

In this issue’s Safety Throwback, we are looking back on the early years of our COLT Training Facility. The picture above shows what the COLT “Indoor” facility used to look like. The building in the first two pictures used to be where the tools and materials were stored for the annual Hot Line School.  Over the years, COLT has expanded to be one of the finest lineman training facilities in the country. Now, over 150 apprentice and journeyman linemen go through the program annually, and any training done outside in the field can be replicated in the indoor facility. This would not have been possible without the support from our cooperatives here in Ohio. 

See the third photo of what the COLT Training Facility is today!

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