Redistricting…Where Are We Now?

State lawmakers have now proposed Congressional map proposals through the redistricting process. Lawmakers will get input on their proposed maps in committee hearings this week, with exact times to be determined.

Ohio’s current congressional delegation includes 12 Republicans and four Democrats. Maps proposed by Ohio House and Senate Republicans could offer the GOP as much as a 13-2 advantage. The Senate plan seems to have more competitive districts than the House, according to Dave’s Redistricting, a popular redistricting analysis website. 

The Ohio Constitution requires that a joint committee of the House and Senate to hold at least two public committee hearings on the proposed plan before it gets passed into law. The map needs support from 60% of lawmakers, 33% to last 10 years. If state Republicans cannot garner enough bipartisan support, they may only approve a map that lasts just four years. That map would have to meet certain constitutional criteria, including not showing favoritism to one party over the other. 

Governor DeWine will choose to either sign or veto the final plan presented to him. 

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