Marketing & Communications

Farm Science Review September 2013

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives’ team of marketing and communications professionals provide cooperatives with a variety of services that keep their members informed on industry issues and also help them save money on their electric bills.

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives’ marketing team supports co-ops with an extensive selection of rebate programs to help co-op members consume less energy. They also provide financial support to worthwhile local charitable causes and educate rural Ohioans on energy issues at the Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives Education Center at the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio.

Ohio Cooperative Livingthe statewide magazine for Ohio co-op members, is the centerpiece of our print communications efforts. It is delivered to more than 300,000 co-op members every month and provides up-to-date information on the state of the electric cooperative world. It also provides readers with delicious recipes, insightful travel tips and thought-provoking human interest stories.

Marketing and communications support staff provide numerous consulting and design services to member co-ops, and are dedicated to researching best practices for member outreach efforts.