Your travel bucket list: The poetry of exploring the world

Northern Lightslow
The Northern Lights

South Central Power member Amber Myers of Canal Winchester answered the question about her travel bucket list with a poem adding Italy, France, the Northern Lights, “sand between my toes” and an understanding of foreign cultures to her rhyme.

“I want to feel the sand between my toes,
And I want the smell of rain to meet my nose.
I want an old Italian man to ask me to dance,
And I want to fall in love in the streets of France.
I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights:
Illuminating my wonder-filled face.
I want to learn someone’s story from beginning to end:
We’ll go to their favorite place.
I want to explore all the cultures foreign to me;
Reality isn’t just what I see.
I’ll strip myself bare of the things I don’t need.
In a poverty-stricken country,
I’ll learn what hardship really means.
There are so many places I plan to discover,
This is my travel bucket list.
But if I can’t make it anywhere else,
I wish for this:
I want to be in a place where I’ll know happiness.”

For Amber and others, creating their travel bucket lists and dreaming of checking each destination off their list, travel is a gift to experience and an opportunity to offer us memories of a lifetime.