Ohio Icon: Moore’s Farm Toys

Farm toys sitting on a table
Moore’s Farm Toys

Location: About 2 miles north of Dresden near the intersection of State Route 16 and State Route 60.

Provenance: The son of an agricultural equipment dealer in the Dresden area, Jeff Moore grew up appreciating farm machines. He worked in the family dealership as a mechanic and salesman, and when his first child was born in the 1970s, he started collecting and customizing farm toys. “I added extra details like lights, mirrors, wheels, and tires to make the toy tractor and combines look like real ones,” Moore says. After successfully selling his products at toy shows for several years, Moore obtained a spin-casting machine in order to make his own patterns and molds. In 1996, he formed Moore’s Farm Toys.

Significance: Not only is Moore’s company one of the nation’s few farm toy manufacturers, but its products also are 100% made in the U.S. “We cast our metal products and some of the plastic ones in Dresden and also try to source everything that we possibly can from Ohio,” says Moore. “Even the blister cards we use for packaging are made in Ohio.”

Currently: Moore’s Farm Toys specializes in S scale (1:64) models, offers detailing parts and kits, and has an inventory of more than 1,000 items. With assistance from his family, Moore operates the business in a pole barn that does triple duty as a manufacturing facility, showroom, and retail store. His bestselling products include three-point hitches for tractors as well as front and rear dozer blades. Moore prides himself on making unique and innovative farm toys. Quality is also a top priority. “Customers tell us that we do a great job, but that’s because we’re very picky,” says Moore. “We don’t send out something unless we’re completely satisfied with it.”

It’s a little-known fact that: Moore, a member of The Frontier Power Company, plans to release a new rotary cutter this year in time for Christmas.