Mom Sense: Survive and Thrive (Tip 2)

Grandmother looking at photo album with granddaughter.

Tip 2: Make time for memories

Welcome back to “Survive and Thrive: A New Theme for 2016”! It’s a series born out of my slow realization that while life is extremely busy, I haven’t always done a good job of making time for what matters most. (That, and the shocking revelation that my children are growing up way too fast! Everyone told me this would happen, but when the kids were all in diapers, I’m sorry to say I didn’t believe a word of it.) Now that we’re facing the teen years, I feel as if we’re racing down the expressway toward college with no rest area in sight.

While I can’t slow down our time together, I can at least make these final years with my children at home memorable. Hence this month’s assignment. What do you really want to do with your children before they leave home? Maybe it’s gathering everyone together for Sunday dinners. Maybe it’s a special trip or vacation. Maybe it’s just snuggling and reading a book together at the end of every day. Start that tradition this year. Whatever it is, go put it on your calendar now. Pursue the trip. Pick out the books. Plan the menus.

Still no room on your calendar? Then return to square one and quit something else. (Check out January’s issue to see why this is a crucial part of the plan.) Here’s the deal. Recently, I was talking with a friend who shared that her parents, in an effort to give their children every advantage, enrolled her and her siblings in every single activity they could possibly squeeze into the day. Decades later, she revealed to me that all she really wanted during those years was more time as a family. And this is my point. You’re the only mom your kids have. Can someone else teach the three-year-old Sunday school class? Run the Christmas play? Organize the book drive? Yes. But no one can take your place at home. So do your family a favor and make time for memories today.