Independently working together

Pat O’Loughlin, president & CEO of Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

Without exception, electric cooperatives throughout the state of Ohio are proud, ingrained resources for the communities they serve. Of course, co-ops provide electricity to area homes, churches, and businesses, but that’s not all that they do for their communities.

Co-op employees live in those small towns; shop at the local supermarket; coach Little League teams; champion civic projects; and lend a hand when their neighbors need one. Ohio co-op staffs have a vested interest in doing what’s right for both the cooperative and their fellow citizens.

Electric cooperatives are independent, locally owned and governed businesses that are dedicated to building, maintaining, and fostering the economic vitality of their respective regions. Co-ops partner with Buckeye Power and the Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives statewide association to pool resources to work smarter, better, faster, less expensively, and more efficiently than each could on its own. Co-ops make it their business to help other businesses.

Co-op member companies range in size and complexity from family-owned farms to large industrial manufacturing facilities, and from local retailers to multi-national chain operators. Every business has its own interests and challenges, but those organizations that we serve rely on their cooperative for essential electric service that’s clean, safe, reliable, and affordable.

Providing power is a vital part of establishing a business and helping it to flourish. Beyond that, co-ops work with community leaders to find prospective businesses and to develop locations that advance growth. Putting organizations in touch with community resources promotes rural prosperity. Helping businesses is just one more way that cooperatives are committed to community.

I hope that you and your family enjoy Independence Day. God bless America!