Be aware, be involved, and be thankful

Pat O'Loughlin, president and CEO of Ohio's Electric Cooperatives
Pat O’Loughlin, president and CEO of Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

Another important election day has arrived. Some view the election as historic. Some are passionate about candidates and issues, and others are disappointed with the negative tone that the various campaigns and protests have taken. Regardless of your view of the candidates or the issues, please take time to appreciate the rights of expression that we have been given. Our veterans, who are honored in November, have sacrificed much for our rights, and those who are no longer with us have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

I encourage everyone to reflect upon the issues and candidates, remember that your vote counts, and that your actions matter. Each of us can make a difference in our community, in our country, and around the world. In this month’s issue, we feature how one family — that of our own Associate Editor Samantha Rhodes — scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for the NRECA International Foundation’s efforts to bring electricity to some of the poorest corners of the world. Read more about Samantha’s adventure, check out some breathtaking photos from her trip, and learn how you can support the cause.

Finally, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, please take time to relax and enjoy the holiday season, with gratitude for our blessings. Thank you for your support of your country, your community, and your local electric cooperative. Happy Thanksgiving!