Ohio’s electric co-ops support EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy rule

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives supports the finalization of the EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule. ACE marks a return to a technically and legally reasonable approach to emissions reduction standards.

The Clean Power Plan (CPP), which was authored by the previous presidential administration, constituted governmental overreach and a misapplication of federal authority, which was recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court when it stopped the CPP implementation.

The ACE rule balances the need to broadly regulate emissions versus the specific emissions reductions that are possible at each facility, by granting states the authority to create and administer rules for controlling coal-fired plant emissions. Further, the ACE rule will continue to lessen greenhouse gas emissions beyond the 27 percent by which emissions have already been reduced since 2005. ACE will require coal plants to run more efficiently by submitting and executing plans to improve power generation effectiveness. Finally, the ACE rule minimizes rate increases to co-op consumer-members.

Overall, the ACE rule ensures that coal remains a clean, safe, affordable, and reliable fuel source.