OEC, Cardinal Operating Company welcome co-op members to power plant

Members and guests from Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative and 18 other electric cooperatives visited Cardinal Power Plant for an in-depth tour of the world-class facility.

Co-op members, employees, and guests from around the state got an up-close look at Cardinal Power Plant, the primary source of power for Ohio’s cooperatives, at Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives’ annual plant tours on September 13-14.

Fourteen tour guides directed the 376 attendees from 19 cooperatives through the facility. Visitors received an up-close look at what goes into generating the electricity they depend on every day, including the environmental controls that have helped Cardinal become one of the cleanest generating plants of its kind.

This was the first set of member tours since Buckeye Power assumed operational control of Cardinal earlier this year.

The tours received coverage from WTOV 9 and the Steubenville Herald-Star.